Holzweiler is launching
Holzweiler Platz

Holzweiler opened the doors to Holzweiler Platz – its first space to hold both a monobrand store and restaurant.

Holzweiler Platz is located in a new and vibrant area of Oslo, called Oslobukta. Its unique location, between the Opera House and Munch Museum that represents culture, music, theatre and art and proximity to the waterfront as a traditional space for trade, discussions, conversations, and connection to the rest of the world (the Oslo Fjord).

– A space to share moments, big and small

The addition of the restaurant, Café Platz, is connecting the family's passion for both fashion and food, which has been a lifelong dream. To run the restaurant Head Chef Petter Nyström was brought on board with extensive experiences from fine dining.

Architects Snøhetta has been working to create a special place that continues the Holzweiler handcraft signature style as well as adding new and exciting features with inspiration and respect for the surrounding area. Especially the element of water has had significant influence on the design and concept around the architecture.

Susanne Holzweiler,
Brand Director:

"Holzweiler Platz is our dream project - our very own playground where we can hang out with friends and family for shopping, events, food, wine or just a good cup of coffe. We love bringing people together, and this is the place."

Andreas Holzweiler, CEO:

"We believe that the future consumer is mainly purpose driven, they expect more than the physical transaction of goods. Brands need to offer more than experiences, a marketplace of ideas. This refers to the belief that the test of the acceptance of ideas depends on their competition with one another and not on the opinion of a censor. Our goal is to merge fashion, food, art, music and culture into a space with a lot of versatile collaborations both for established, as well as, emerging talents.

The challenges of merging retail and the restaurant was actually harder than we initially thought. We needed to take an even bigger ownership to the design process ourselves than in previous stores. Which has been very exciting and with great learnings along the way."

Manon Tardieu, Architect, Snøhetta:

"We have found inspiration from the immediate surroundings, and the element of water is central to the design of the new Holzweiler store. As well as being a symbol of life, energy and hope, water unifies people and places located afar from each other. Holzweiler Platz will unify the brand's past with its future, bridging them together to represent the brand today."

Peter Girgis, Senior Interior Architect, Snøhetta:

"Holzweiler Platz will be a collage of space, representing overlapping of moments of the past, future and present. By bringing in drops of essence from other Holzweiler stores, we have created a place where you can sit together, find treasures from past collections, share a moment, discover new directions and experience momentary artistic collaborations. You will be visually guided through the space by the curved and graceful lines permeating the store, making it fluid and waterlike, with elements inspired by islands and water unifying the retail and café section of the new Holzweiler Platz."

As the Hozweiler Platz will be be able to host a fusion of fashion, food and art, a special collab will be made yearly with artists. For the first year a collab with Modern Visual Artist Marianne Hurum has been made. Marianne Hurum work includes different medias as painting, sculpture, photography, and installations. Marianne has designed the bespoke artwork for the Café Platz. To celebrate the collab, Marianne Hurum will be the first artist to have an exhibition at the space followed by both upcoming as well as established artists.

To create the visual identity for Holzweiler Platz Studio Bielke & Yang has developed the full identity design, in true Bielke & Yang style, with an approach to make a positive impact.

Christian Bielke, Managing Director, Bielke & Yang:

"Holzweiler Platz was created to challenge conventional perceptions of what the retail experience can be. Platz will combine events, collaborations, art, architecture, food, and fashion — creating a meeting point and marketplace for ideas with a constantly evolving dialogue between these overlapping themes and moments.

The identity of the restaurant, Café Platz, will also be in a state of continuous rediscovery — to the menu and the framework we have created for a new artist collaboration each year. This way the identity will keep on changing. Our first collaboration is with the fantastic Marianne Hurum, which will also extend to the physical space at Holzweiler Platz, where her artwork can be enjoyed when you visit."

Marianne Hurum, Visual Artist:

"I always liked the idea and phenomenon of visual art in restaurants. And I really like the place of Holzweiler Platz.

The inspiration for the artwork for Café Platz is all from the same pot that i stir every day with a a humble and mad laugh. I have a changing vocabulary of shapes as a painter and the four shapes are taken from there. The wave is about movement and change and time, and the hands sculpture springs out of thinking about democracy through the shape of the Oslo city hall. The colours came from thinking about wavy water, crispy green apples, warm bricks and blushy cheeks."

For Café Platz 20% of the tables will each day be reserved for drop-ins, and the restaurant stays open in the evening after the store closes to take care of dinner guests.

Holzweiler Platz opened the doors on Saturday 26th 2021.

Holzweiler Retail Store

Café Platz

Tue - Sat




Café open, kitchen closed
Kitchen 11.00-21.30
Kitchen 11.00-21.30
Kitchen 11.00-21.30
Kitchen 11.00-21.30
Kitchen 11.00-21.30

Operagata 61D,
0194 Oslo

Lunch 11.00-1500
Dinner 17.00-21.30

Kitchen is closed every day
between 15.00-17.00

922 66 620
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Outdoor seating and
20% of our tables inside
are available for dropin